What will you say to a person who saves money for years, also takes debt and spends all of that in throwing a lavish party.

You’ll probably take him for a fool or in case, he is your friend, you’ll try to make him understand the value of money, saying things like “you should put the money to good use, keep it for medical emergencies or education”. Makes sense, Right!

But what happens when it comes to wedding ceremonies. A family spends a majority or all their life savings on their son/daughter’s wedding, many of them take loans or debt in some form. For a decent marriage, hundreds of guests have to be invited, well fed and given return gifts regardless of the financial condition of the host. The practice of taking Loans and debts has become so common that it appears like the right thing to do.  Limits are pushed to maintain society standards. Who cares if the father spends sleepless nights, sells his land or mother gives away all her jewellery for a wedding ceremony. It may be a time of happiness for a few but its a terrifying and worrisome time for families.

It does not end here, post wedding, there are innumerable rituals which again expects the parents to spend. It could be a wedding reception, baby shower, festivals.

The millennials are also falling victim to the society standards. There has been a huge increase in application of personal loans for marriage. Starting a new life with debt does not seem like a good idea to common sense. Its a setback to growth. “Is it worth it”?

Marriage is a ritual which authorizes couples to spend lives together with the consent of the society. This is basically done for social acceptance. But does this ritual asks you to go in debt. Won’t a marriage be acceptable until a father goes bankrupt , sell lands to feed hundreds of mouth.

What can we do about it?

Just being smart and little courageous can save you and your family from a lot of trouble. There are a handful of near and dear ones who truly hold importance in your life, invite those rather than having huge gatherings. Say no to dowry. You can’t guarantee your daughter’s happiness by giving dowry. There are enough cases to prove this. Say no to debts. Plan a wedding which does not overlook your budget. If you’ve nothing, you can still get married in a temple and it will still be a wedding.

Analyse your financial state, spend with sense.

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  1. Har subject me apaka sochane ka tarika aur explanation jabardast hota he bhai…
    great….mujhe lagata he ki apa etani badi community banao ke apaka koi view ho toh puri govt. apaki view pe amal kare..

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