This question has been daunting many of us since our school time and till job interviews. This is supposed to be a very casual fun question, but the majority of us struggle when questioned about it.

 Well, it seems difficult. With so much struggle in our lives where people are busy trying to meet their targets, worrying about their kids, trying to get that deal done, maintaining social relationships. The idea of having a hobby may sound too frivolous to some of us.

Should we really even bother ourselves about getting a hobby in such a stressful life.

Let’s discuss.

Hobby is not work, Period. It’s leisure time which you take out for yourself, spending it in actually living life. It is not supposed to bring any pressure but to make you relieve your tension by living in the moment.

How to recognise your hobby

Expose yourself, be a little open. There have been times when many of us lost count of time in working on something which we love, it could be reading, writing, sightseeing, gardening. It’s perfectly ok to even know your hobby at present, that does not mean that you can’t have one.

What is a hobby doing to us?

Hobby Relaxes us

Indulging in a hobby doesn’t let your brain wander. You leave aside your stressful world by simple doing something which you’re doig by choice.

Hobbies find you friends

Hobby help you in making friends. As the saying goes, birds of the same feathers flock together. Your hobby will help you find your own tribe.

Hobby can make your career.

Digitalisation of the world has made it very easy to put talent across on global platforms. There are youtube channels and social media pages where people are becoming financially independent by just pursuing their own hobbies. 

Hobbies make us skillful.

It’s a fact that if you keep doing a certain task every day, you will get better each passing day. Does not matter if you’re drawing a simple line on paper each day or creating a video, you’ll get better at it.

Hobbies makes us confident

When you do something extra from your regular work, it makes you stand out of the crowd. This gives a sense of achievement which boosts confidence.

Hobby reflects your personality

People have had experiences where they were able to leave a good impression on the interviewer because of the hobbies they had. Hobbies give an insight into any personality.

How to get time for hobby.

Some of us may say that we’re just too occupied to do this. Every Person in this world gets the same 24 hrs. It’s up to you how busy you wish to get with work. Prioritizing is a skill, some people don’t hone it. This could be developed. The moment we understand the worth of “Me time”, we’ll be able to find time for it just like we do every worthy thing.

To find yourself, think for yourself ~ Socrates

4 Replies to “What is your Hobby?”

  1. Gd mng sir….yes I do have hobby……bt I don’t do it….. I like to play badminton….. volleyball……I belong a medium family n also got married in a medium family…..where doing household chores n taking care of ur children z utmost important….I m a graduate….n diploma. Holder in software engineering from chd… ur degrees doesn’t matter…u have to wear duptta….talk less in front of others….not to talk wd other males…..u r not allowed to go in market alone….if an unknown number flash on ur phn….u r a suspected🤣…….I m living in such environment bt my husband cares alot for me…he loves me alot….bt he never take me out for on my birthday… anniversary…movie….I eeven don’t know about exact location of my in laws family even after 6 years of marriage…bt I m happy…from outside not inside….this z the story of mostly medium family,’s bahu…

    1. Hello Manju, everyone has there own set of struggles. May be you’re no more able to play volleyball or badminton, but try to take out time for yourself. Our happiness is our responsibility. Little changes can change your world. 🙂 Best wishes

  2. Hi I have hobby of writing and reading I am 13 years old and you had also written a book can you wrote a blog on how to write a book?Thanks

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